4. A standardised list of commonly-used terms (10,10)
7. Using equipment to establish the size or amount of something (11)
9. Data about data; contextual information for data (8)
10. A collection of questions and measurements (10)
11. Any data item that describes an attribute or characteristic of an object (8)
12. Centrally-standardised schema used to collect subjective or complex data in a consistent and comparable way (14)
1. The ability of systems and machines to talk to each other and know they are referring to the same thing, with the purpose of exchanging and making use of information (16)
2. Refers to a round of data collection. The term sweep often has the same meaning (4)
3. Organised information for computers about the relationship between data items (10,8)
5. The process of combining different data in order to make them comparable (s, not z) (13)
6. An item on, e.g. a survey, designed to elicit a response (8)
8. Frameworks to establish a common understanding of the meaning of data (9)